Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden Mandaluyong

I recently found a serene spa in Mandaluyong. The Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden.

We work hard. And by working hard, our energies are depleted and it causes stress. Stress affects everything. When we are stressed, we are cranky, anxious, and out of focus. One way of toning down stress is to have a good massage.

I really want a massage that day and I want to have a massage in a serene, peaceful, clean place. So I googled for some massage place in our area.

And voila! I found Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden Mandaluyong. I am so happy because it has a descent review in Google Maps.

So I tried it myself, and it didn’t disapppoint. The place was so peaceful and green!

Their massage is really relaxing. The masseuse will always confirm if confortable with the pressure. And for me, that is a good thing.

I tried to capture every corner of the place.

If you want to visit Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden, I attached the Google Maps below.

They also offer Spa party. You can rent the place for four thousand pesos (4,000php) for 1 hour and good for 10 persons.

Check out their rates below.

How about you? What is your stress reliever? Comment below, I want to hear it!


Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden Facade
Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden Facade
Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden at Night
Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden at Night
Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden at Night
Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden at Night
Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden at Night
Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden at Night
Tanglad Tea grown and brewed inside the Garden
Tanglad Tea grown and brewed inside the Garden
Massage Area
Massage Area
Garden Area
Garden Area
Rates and Packages
Rates and Packages
Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden Interior
Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden Interior


Manila Mini Maker Faire

God created everything. From heaven, universe, plants, animals, to us, humans. What makes us unique from all other things that God created is our ability to make things while using tools and at the same time telling stories.

Maker Faire, Maker Fair, a fair for makers. But not just makers! Manila Mini Maker Faire is happening again!

So what is Maker Faire?

Maker Faire is the gathering of “Makers” sharing the output of their curiosity. As the Maker Faire said, this is our chance to see the intersection of art, technology, and culture. This is the “Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth — a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness”.

Maker Faire Goes to Manila

Once again, the Philippines will be on the global maker map. Thank you Mind Museum for organizing this event again, for the 3rd time, and giving chance to the Makers of the Philippines to showcase their works!

I am also excited as this year’s Faire highlights environmentally sustainable projects such as:

  • solar-powered waste collectors
  • motorcycle retrofitted with electric engines
  • products fashioned out of ocean plastic
  • and many more!

Attendees can also sign up for a variety of free and ticketed workshops such as:

  • Bokashi mudball making
  • robotics
  • paper engineering
  • 3D design
  • eco art organic painting
  • and more!

So we are inviting everyone to visit the Mind Museum this June 22-23, 2019. This event is FREE.

For more information on Maker Faire, you can visit their website at

Check out some of the makers you’ll meet in the fair.

While access to Maker Faire is FREE, you can also get a special rate on Mind Museum ALL DAY pass that weekend!

See you everyone! Let’s explore how Science can change the world! Let’s make Science work for the environment!

Minimalist Grooming Kit Contents

If you have kids in pre-school/early elementary, it’s most likely you will need a grooming kit. Grooming kit is important so that if a child need to change clothes due to sweat, emergency poopsy-in-the-pants or emergency-wiwi-in-the-pants, they can clean-up with ease.

Sharing you the grooming kit of my nursery.

The Minimalist Grooming Kit Contents

I called my grooming kit “Minimalist” because I only put the “essentials”.

  • 1 shoe box
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 1 shorts
  • 1 underwear
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 1 face towel
  • 1 soap
  • 1 sanitizer

You can also add baby wipes, tissue, etc. But I think the above items are enough and we can also minimize our waste if we will not include additional items in our grooming kit.

What ate the contents of your grooming kit? Please share ^_^

Prime Mom Club: Summer Workshop

Are you a member of Prime Mom Club? If not, you can check this post on how you can be a member of Prime Mom club.

I am a mom of three wonderful kids. My eldest just finished school year 2018-2019. So, summer break is here, meaning, complete ang tatlong chikiting every hour, every day! But by the grace of the lord, there are so much help out there on how to make summer vacation fun with the kids!

The 3rd installment of Prime Mom Club focused on helping moms make the most out of summer. Thank you Mega Prime!

Last April 13, 2019, at Wack Wack Country Club Mandaluyong, Mega Prime held its 3rd Prime Mom Club installment with the theme “Mega Prime helps moms make the most out of summer
with its third Prime Mom Club workshop”.

Prime Mom Club Members

Mega Prime invited, Celine Cornejo, moms to share tips on how to make summer vacation fun and exciting!

Mega Prime invited Celine Cornejo, pre-school teacher and personality, Ginger Arboleda and Denise Rayala, mom bloggers, Rosebud Benitez-Velasco, celebrity Chef. They shared tips on how to make kids’ summer vacation fun and exciting!

Prime Mom Panelist (from left) Celine Cornejo, Ginger Arboleda, Rosebud Benitez-Velasco, Denise Rayala
(from left) Celine Cornejo, Ginger Arboleda, Rosebud Benitez-Velasco, Denise Rayala

The panel kwentuhan was followed by lunch prepared by Mega Prime for Prime Moms members!

Lunch by Mega Prime

Teacher Celine also shared with us the advantage of learning through play. Followed by storytelling.

Teacher Celine sharing her advocacy in learning through play
Storytelling with teach Celine

Super nag enjoy ako sa sharing ni teacher Celine and sa storytelling! I’m trying to always read a book to my kids before going to bed. Try this simple activity every night moms! Bonding na din with the kids!

After the short workshop and storytelling, Center for Culinary Arts shared a recipe that we can do with our kids! Overnight Oats, and Mocha Jelly using Mega Prime summer products.

You can make Overnight Oats with milk of your choice, condense milk and of course, Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail. You can also make Mocha Jelly with Mega Prime Nata de Coco Coffee flavor.

Overnight Oats using Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail

I had a lot of fun! I enjoyed the workshops. I had a lot of chika chika with other Prime Moms. I enjoyed the food. I enjoyed the photo booth. Kids enjoyed the play area.

Chika chika with Prime Moms
Play area by The Nest Play and Party Pod
Photo by Nice Print

So moms, we can do this summer vacay with the kids!

My Prime Mom Club: Summer Worksop takeaways are:

  • If we are worried that it’s summer vacation, and the kids are not learning, let’s remember that kids can learn through play.
  • Let’s have storytelling with the kids. This is a great bonding moment because based on my experience, you can have fun conversations with them.
  • Cook with them! There are so many simple recipes available out there. Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) shared with us a simple recipe that kids will love to do and will love to eat.

We would like to thank Mega Prime for this initiative to help moms in their journey to motherhood. Thank you!

Marvin Tiu Lim, VP for Sales and Marketing of Mega Global
Corporation., Raymund Alegre, Senior Brand Manager of Mega Prime and Mega Prime Choices, Moms, and teacher Celine
Prime Mom Club : Summer Workshop Kit

Thank you also for the Prime Mom Club Summer Workshop Kit!

Maybank iSAVE: Opening a Bank Account without Going to the Branch

Maybank MOVE booth

Maybank iSAVE is giving us the chance to open a bank account without going to the branch.

Banking. Banking has been a part of lives for like, zillions of years. JUST KIDDING! Ha ha ha.

But, banking is very important in our current era. Especially in this digital era. We can now do almost any bank transactions online. Like paying the bills, fund transfers, changing some personal information, etc. But, we cannot open an account online. We need to go to the branch to do that. Fall in line and fill out forms.

But thanks to Maybank iSAVE. iSave is an online-only account that will enable customers to open an account FULLY ONLINE without going to the branch. All forms and documentary requirements will be submitted via the Maybank2U PH App.

What is the advantage of opening an Maybank iSAVE account?

Opening a Maybank iSAVE account does not require an initial deposit, and it has no maintaining balance. So I think Maybank iSAVE can be a step in your long overdue savings plan.

Let us save! Start with Maybank iSAVE
Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

When I am trying to open a Maybank iSAVE, I have so many questions. From “how to deposit?” to “how to withdraw”. These might be your questions right now, am I right?

Before I share my questions and answers, let me share with you how I know Maybank iSAVE.

I was in Ayala Vertis North last Saturday and Maybank iSAVE has a booth there. A few weeks back, my husband shared to me that a bank offers an account creation without going to the bank. My reply was only, “Owwwww”, and the I moved on with my life! Ha ha ha!

Maybank MOVE booth and Maybank iSAVE booth

So when I saw Maybank’s booth, and their flyers (that says you can create a bank account without going to the branch), I said to myself, “Owwwwww is this a thing?”. And I gave it a try.

So going back to my questions, I asked them the following and they answered all my questions brightly 🙂

Maybank MOVE booth and Maybank iSAVE booth

Me: How can I withdraw? (Ha ha ha! The most important questions!)

Maybank staff: You can withdraw at any Maybank branch and from ANY ATM in the Philippines, for FREE.

Me: How can I deposit?

Maybank staff: You can deposit at any Maybank branch. Other banks can also fund transfer to your Maybank iSAVE account.

Me: How can I get my ATM knowing that we opened online?

Maybank staff: ATM and pin will be delivered at your registered address

Me: *another important coming through, like you know, online shopping, he he he*, How can I transfer to another bank from my Maybank account.

Maybank staff: You can transfer to other banks.

I opened my account last Sunday (Feb 17), and my account was created last Tuesday (Feb 19)

hallernanay and Maybank mascot at 
 Maybank iSAVE booth

Please visit Maybank’s MOVE booth at Ayala Vertis North to know more. They will be there until Feb 24, 2019. Or you can visit their website here.

Check also their Terms and Conditions here.

You can also join their ongoing giveaway. Check the image below.

Maybank iSAVE giveaway

Prime Mom Club: Holiday Workshop

Prime Mom Club: Holiday Workshop

Are you a member of Prime Mom Club? If not, you can check this post on how you can be a member of Prime Mom club.

Last November 17, Prime Mom Club members gathered again at Prime Hotel Grand Ballroom to celebrate the second mom workshop for the year with the theme #PrimePinasarapMoments. Aba’y, pinasarap moments talaga, kasi ang dami naming natutunan na pwedeng pwedeng pagkakitaan at panregalo ngayong holidays!

But before the workshop starts, Raymund Alegre, Senior Brand Manager of Mega Prime and Mega Prime Choices, welcome us with a surprise! Prime Mom Club will have its reward card! And kung may reward card may rewards! Will create another post for this! Watch out!

Raymund Alegre, Senior Brand Manager of Mega Prime and Mega Prime Choices

Guest speakers Chef Mira Cruz and Via Pacheco shares their skills that can help mom make Christmas Holidays more extra special.

Via Pachecho, an interior designer and one of the founders of Maartsy showed us how to make holiday trinkets and charms. Medyo madali pala ha. You just need the right tools and your own creativity and voila, you have your trinket! And you can now start your own craft business by making trinkets and sell them.

Via Pacheco of MAARTSY

Look! Mommy Rachelle of wondermomma.ig and I created these trinkets!

Our Trinkets

Mommy Rachelle Making her Trinket


Chef Mira Cruz showed us how to make an extraordinary pulvoron! Pulvoron with Cranberries! But but but! Bago ang luto time with Chef Mira, dumating ang honorary member ng Prime Mom Club! Marian Rivera arrived and helped Chef Mira cook her special Pulvoron with Cranberries!

Chef Mira Cruz and Marian Rivera


Marian Rivera also showed us how to make Layered Fruit Cake using Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail.

Marian Rivera cooking the Prime Layered Fruit Cake

So, summary! We, Prime Mom Club Members learned about

  • How to make trinkets and charms that we can use for channeling our mompreneurship
  • How to make Pulvoron (made special by adding cranberries) that we can use for gifts and also selling
  • How to make Layered Fruit Cake using Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail that we can share with our families in Noche Buena or any family celebrations

Whew! I really enjoyed spending my Saturday with these Prime Moms! Hope to see you again in the next Prime Mom Club Workshop!

Add me in Instagram for updates! See yah!