Trinoma Breast Feeding Station

Trinoma Breastfeeding Station is located at their Family Lounge (sorry I forgot the exact location!). The room have several cubicles (this is bigger compared to glorietta’s breastfeeding station cubicles). I thought the place was great! I really love their couch to the point that I want to bring it home hahaha! PROS and CONS PROSContinue reading “Trinoma Breast Feeding Station”

Farlin 2oz Bottles – Alternative for Breast Milk Storage

Breastfeeding mom? Will go back to work anytime soon? Looking for breast milk storage? Low budget? I think I have a suggestion. When I was looking for breast milk storage, 3 months ago, my options were Avent bottles or Medela storage freezing pack. But I think they are too pricey, and the volume of thoseContinue reading “Farlin 2oz Bottles – Alternative for Breast Milk Storage”

Diet of Lactating Mothers

My Mommy, Mama and my OB-Gyne told me that eating foods with “sabaw” and malunggay can increase my milk supply! I can say that it can really help (based on experience). I read some blogs that production of breast milk will also depend on your diet. Last month, when we visited our pediatrician, he gaveContinue reading “Diet of Lactating Mothers”

Available Breast Milk Storage here in the Philippines

Searching for breast milk storage here in the Philippines? I’ve listed some available breast milk storage here in the Philippines that you can buy either online or from retail stores. Medela (80 mL Breastmilk Freezing & Storage Retail Pack) Lid Type: Screw On Size: 2.7 oz Available at Rustans and Sulit Avent (Avent Storage System) LidContinue reading “Available Breast Milk Storage here in the Philippines”

What to do when you Forgot your Nursing Cover

Q: What to do when you Forgot your Nursing Cover? A: Screammmm waaaaaaa Nursing cover is very essential for me because this keeps me private when I am pumping. By the way I pump at work, and my “pumping station” is our meeting room with translucent glass wall (stripe frosting). Anyway… This day is theContinue reading “What to do when you Forgot your Nursing Cover”