What to do when you Forgot your Nursing Cover

Q: What to do when you Forgot your Nursing Cover?

A: Screammmm waaaaaaa

Nursing cover is very essential for me because this keeps me private when I am pumping.

By the way I pump at work, and my “pumping station” is our meeting room with translucent glass wall (stripe frosting).

Anyway… This day is the most stressful day of my pumping career (started last March 2013).

Why? I forgot my NURSING COVER! There is a glass wall in my “pumping station” you know!

“You can pump facing the opposite side of the glass wall” said PersonX.

“Uhmm I cannot do that because there is a possibility that people that happen to pass our meeting room will see my “you-know-what”!”, I said.

Well, I discovered a remedy for my problem.


I used the following to improvise a nursing cover.

  • Scarf -> for the actual cover
  • A pair of sipit (I found these in our admin section!) -> for the “neck” support
  • Brown paper bag -> for the bone

It is not as convenient as the real nursing cover, but it helped me.

But I experienced stress because of worrying that I might have a “wardrobe malfunction!” haha.

Anyway I survived, stressful though.

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