My “My Shopping Box” Experience

What is My Shopping Box? My Shopping Box is a forwarding company. If you want to order something from US and you don not have someone there to send you your package, the My Shopping  Box can do that for you. Rates: As of 2013/09/24 AIR Freight 5.99 USD per pound (TRIVIA: the weight ofContinue reading “My “My Shopping Box” Experience”

Hakab na 2013

I can say that I am a Filipino, by birth, by heart, by mind! But, when I heard about the “Hakab Na” event by breastfeeding pinay last august 3, I asked myself, what is “hakab”? Shame on me eh? I can say that I am a breastfeeding advocate but I don’t know the meaning ofContinue reading “Hakab na 2013”