Shine Bakery & Cafe

Now that my son is almost 2 years old (yes, that’s almost 2 years of breastfeeding for me), I feel that I can now eat anything I want! Before, I am so conscious about the food that I eat (caffeine from chocolates, tea, and common desserts) because it might affect my breastmilk, but now…… Wohoooo, LO, you’re almost two. So Shine Bakery & Cafe, here we go!!!

Breastfeeding/Infant Friendly Rating:
From now on, I’ll try to add the ratings below in every post about restaurants that I will make.

Breastfeeding Station:
The store is located at SM Aura, so mothers can go their breastfeeding station inside their family room (or just breastfeed inside Shine Bakery 🙂 )

High Chair:
Their high chair is the common high chair across the universe (joke! Hahaha), Rubbermaid High Chair!

The Facade


The Reverse Facade


The Kitchen


The Menu



The Food



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