My Aliexpress Experience – Shipment to Philippines

Ali Express

First, let me share with you my shipping FAQs when ordering abroad.

Below are the answers for Aliexpress.

Will my item arrive and in good condition?

Will I pay for custom fees?
Possible. It will depend on the cost of your purchased item.

Will it be door to door delivery?
If you chose the free shipping (China registered air mail), no! You will have to claim it in your municipality post office. And pay an additional 112php (as of Dec 2015)!!!

Ok, enough of my tiny FAQs hehehe!

When you order from Aliexpress, you have an option for “FREE SHIPPING”, usually via China Registered Airmail. If you chose this, your item will be delivered to your municipality post office (not door to door)! Well in my case.

For my item, I got the claim letter from the post office 20 days after Aliexpress confirmed my payment.

Then on the same day, I claimed my item.
They only asked me for my ID. Then asked me to log on their log book!

I paid 112 pesos for the post office fee!!!! Arghhhhh… before it was just 50 pesos… then became 100… then 112 because they added VAT ๐Ÿ˜

Below are my ordered items! Alive and kicking! LOL


Please don’t hesitate to comment below for your questions and concerns. I MIGHT be able to help. Hehehe! Happy Ali Express Shopping!

45 thoughts on “My Aliexpress Experience – Shipment to Philippines

    1. Hi Alexandra! I used PH credit card to pay for the item. They are also accepting Debit card, though I haven’t tried it yet. You might want to check Paymaya PH. It’s like credit card but you have to load it. Please check

      If you want more details on how to register in Paymaya, please don’t hesitate to contact me ^_^

  1. Nay tanong ko lang, claim letter lng isend sayo? Di ba sila magtxt or call from post office?
    Marami kasi ako order natrack ko nasa post office na daw pero wala pang info kung saan na post office.

    1. Hello Mon mon! Sorry ang late ng reply ko. Nako! Hindi nag tetext ang post office or tumatawag. Paminsan nga iniiwan lang nila claim letter sa letter box!!! Ahhh matagal talaga yung item sa post office. Based sa experience ko parang paminsan e weeks yung item doon.

    1. Hello Kim. I haven’t tried that option yet. But, I asked the chinese seller about it. If you choose EMS, you will claim it at pasay. If you choose DHL/Fedex/UPS, it’s door-to-door. Take note that you have to pay custom tax ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i ordered feb. 14 and because of the chinese new year the shipment was moved on the 1st of march. mga ilang araw kaya intayin ko if ever i addressed it sa province?

    1. Hello Joeryl. After matanggap ng post office, ang idedeliver lang nila sa address na ginamit mo ay yung claim slip. Tapos ikaw na bahala mag claim sa post office. Dapat maclaim mo yun 30 days before nung date na naka indicate sa claim slip.

    1. Hi, Jayvinson. Yup. Meron naman. 100% naman saakin pumupunta si postman. Mga ilang days na sa iyo? Saakin may matagal. Based sa tracking nasa post office na pero after 15 days pa napadala saakin yung claim slip.

  3. Hello, Nanay, thank you sa article mo ๐Ÿ˜Š Iโ€™m expecting 3 packages from Ali, ngayon ko lang nabasa ug article mo, akala ko madedeliver dretso sa bahay ๐Ÿ˜” Hindi pala ta my fee pa. Alam mo ba kung tatlong fee rin ang babayaran ko since 3 packages ang darating?

  4. Hi, ask ko lang pano ko malalaman kung saang POST Office ko kukunin? Sa shaw po ako malapit. So probably manadaluyong po, kaso nga lang nag search ako ng post office sa mandaluyong, tatlo lumabas e.. San po ba dito ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    1.Municipality : Gov’t Center Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong
    2.Municipality : ADB Ave., ADB Bldg., Mandaluyong City
    Address : ADB
    3.Municipality : Edsa cor. Ortigas Ave., Mandaluyong City
    Address : POEA
    Tumatawag po ako sa Philpost kaso walang sumasagot ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. Hello! I just ordered a jacket amounting to more than 2k at Aliexpress a couple days ago. And the status has been stuck to โ€œShipment ready for dispatchโ€, although I do have a tracking number. I wonder if Iโ€™ll ever receive my item.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. Newbie question. Is there a courier/forwarding service that can ship products from aliExpress na di na tatax? Have not tried ordering yet. But if sa ibang platform and if thru post office, may nachacharge na 112 (less than 10k pesos worth) yan ginagawa ko sa iba esp if free shipping. Planning to buy small items sana (probably from other sellers in ali na free shipment) then perhaps have them store in a warehouse..or kahit paid shipment.. ang idea is to group them together. Pag complete na, saka sila ishiship together in pinas.. yung murang fees sana and be delivered at my home na wala nang kikonokolek na fees.

    Kasi sa US, meron ng ganitong services.. especially if lampas 10k worth ang products..


  7. Hello Mark, ang bait naman ng postman nyo.. advance mag isip.. ๐Ÿ˜Š..
    Hallernanay, thanks sa infoโ€™s.. very helpfull!

  8. Awh! This was 3 years ago.. I wonder how everything is nowโ€ฆ i oredered in aliexpress just this month..sept. 1, 2018.. goodluck to me..

  9. Question po kung same seller po at different items mga 4 or more items bibilhin pag sasamahin po ba nila sa iisang package po ba lalagay ni seller?
    thank you ni advance

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