5 Easy Ways to Live Eco Friendly

Araw-araw, ang dami kong na-re-receive na email. Hehehe, ang dami ko kasi ding sinalihan na e-mail list. Isa sa sinalihan ko ay ang Carousell. Ang Carousell ay isang online ukay-ukay. So kung may mga pre-loved kayo na gamit, pwede niyong i-benta doon. So ayun nga, one day isang araw, naka receive ako ng e-mail fromContinue reading “5 Easy Ways to Live Eco Friendly”

My 3 Favorite Styles of Ellie and Me Mommywear

  Breastfeeding is a gift from God. God created breastfeeding to nurture our little one. No other milk is best for our bundle of joy. It’s also a journey that mommy and baby can enjoy. In my experience, breastfeeding is not easy at first, but once you get your groove, you’ll love it! When IContinue reading “My 3 Favorite Styles of Ellie and Me Mommywear”

3 Reasons to Try Honestbee NOW : Honestbee Philippines Review

Honestbee promos have been popping in my feed I think for half a year now! Then, last last week, my sister sent us registration link to Honestbee. And, I thought, “Hey! I think it is time” hahaha. So I signed up! I was mesmerised by the “500 OFF”! 500 pesos din yun no! But first,Continue reading “3 Reasons to Try Honestbee NOW : Honestbee Philippines Review”