Warble Kids New Home : Edsa Shangri-La Plaza Mall

“Creative play is critical to children’s development”. Quoting this phrase from Warble Kids owner Claudine Chan-Cobankiat. Warble, the newest children’s concepts store, opens their first branch at the 4th floor of Edsa Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong, together with their brand ambassador, Iya Villania, and mommies all over the metro. Karen Pacia, of @theprojectmommyger shared a briefContinue reading “Warble Kids New Home : Edsa Shangri-La Plaza Mall”

Prime Mom Club: Pilot Workshop

Way way back into my elementary and high school life (no K12 at that time… ha! Guess my age!), we have these clubs where we attend after our regular class to unwind, start new friendship, chika chika, and discover new things. There’s Book Lovers Club, TALINDAW (TALento sa Pag-INDak at PagsayAW), Glee club, and manyContinue reading “Prime Mom Club: Pilot Workshop”