NEW Downy Detergent. YES! DOWNY “DETERGENT”!

May NEW Downy DETERGENT na! Motherhood is not easy! Relate ba mga momsh? Well, all aspect naman ng buhay natin, hindi madali. Diba?  Ang dami nating iniisip! Ang daming kailangang gawin.  Para mas maging productive tayo, at hindi ma-stress, kailangan nating mag-delegate.  Kasi diba, kapag na-delegate natin, ganito nalang ang gagawin natin with the kiddos!Continue reading “NEW Downy Detergent. YES! DOWNY “DETERGENT”!”

P&G Olay teams up with Lazada to support women who “double-up” their roles

Women are expected to play dual roles at all times: a leader in the workplace and a hands-on mom; a good daughter and partner; an expert in her line of work and a multi-faceted performer. For all the things that a woman wishes to be, she has to live through society’s expectations, working twice asContinue reading “P&G Olay teams up with Lazada to support women who “double-up” their roles”

Free Minimalist Kids Calendar Printable

I have a 6 year old and I asked our 12 year old neighbor to tutor him every Saturday. I instructed her to let my child complete the calendar by himself so he can practice writing, date recognition, and counting!  I also used this to track the exams date and activities of my child.  SharingContinue reading “Free Minimalist Kids Calendar Printable”

Katherine’s Cafe Experience

Address: Katherine’s Cafe, Second Floor, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City The first-ever Gorgeous Mommas Brunch was held at Katherine’s Cafe Glorietta 3 Branch. Katherine’s Cafe offers home-cooked meals. From authentic Filipino foods to Western foods. And the homey feel is completed by its astonishing interior. They really want us to feel atContinue reading “Katherine’s Cafe Experience”

Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden Mandaluyong

I recently found a serene spa in Mandaluyong. The Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden. We work hard. And by working hard, our energies are depleted and it causes stress. Stress affects everything. When we are stressed, we are cranky, anxious, and out of focus. One way of toning down stress is to have a goodContinue reading “Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden Mandaluyong”

Manila Mini Maker Faire

God created everything. From heaven, universe, plants, animals, to us, humans. What makes us unique from all other things that God created is our ability to make things while using tools and at the same time telling stories. Maker Faire, Maker Fair, a fair for makers. But not just makers! Manila Mini Maker Faire isContinue reading “Manila Mini Maker Faire”

Minimalist Grooming Kit Contents

If you have kids in pre-school/early elementary, it’s most likely you will need a grooming kit. Grooming kit is important so that if a child need to change clothes due to sweat, emergency poopsy-in-the-pants or emergency-wiwi-in-the-pants, they can clean-up with ease. Sharing you the grooming kit of my nursery. The Minimalist Grooming Kit Contents IContinue reading “Minimalist Grooming Kit Contents”

Prime Mom Club: Summer Workshop

Are you a member of Prime Mom Club? If not, you can check this post on how you can be a member of Prime Mom club. I am a mom of three wonderful kids. My eldest just finished school year 2018-2019. So, summer break is here, meaning, complete ang tatlong chikiting every hour, every day! But byContinue reading “Prime Mom Club: Summer Workshop”