Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden Mandaluyong

I recently found a serene spa in Mandaluyong. The Arruga Spa and Wellness Garden. We work hard. And by working hard, our energies are depleted and it causes stress. Stress affects everything. When we are stressed, we are cranky, anxious, and out of focus. One way of toning down stress is to have a good […]

Manila Mini Maker Faire

God created everything. From heaven, universe, plants, animals, to us, humans. What makes us unique from all other things that God created is our ability to make things while using tools and at the same time telling stories. Maker Faire, Maker Fair, a fair for makers. But not just makers! Manila Mini Maker Faire is […]

Minimalist Grooming Kit Contents

If you have kids in pre-school/early elementary, it’s most likely you will need a grooming kit. Grooming kit is important so that if a child need to change clothes due to sweat, emergency poopsy-in-the-pants or emergency-wiwi-in-the-pants, they can clean-up with ease. Sharing you the grooming kit of my nursery. The Minimalist Grooming Kit Contents I […]

Mommy Mundo 2019 Planner : Mom 24/7 2019 Planner

I was really excited about getting my hands on Mommy Mundo 2019 Planner. The first time I appreciate the essence of a planner is when I joined the workforce. My dad gave me a dainty planner. Since then, I was dependent on it. I wrote my TODOs there, the weather, what I ate, and many […]

Mommy Mundo Expo Mom Holiday 2018 : Vendor List

Sooooo Christmas is really fast approaching. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also the time for gift giving and shopping (of course wisely pfft :p)   Based on my experience, I find it really practical shopping on bazaars. There’s so many variety to choose from. Of course, my favorite mommy bazaars! Oh […]

Erceflora Probibears 2-in-1 ProbioBoosters

Our body is composed of many things. One of it is good bacteria. Zillions of it! Good bacteria is helpful in our digestive system. Kung baga, they keep our tummy sane!   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by NCCIH (@nih_nccih) on Aug 17, 2018 at 7:15am PDT //   The number […]

7 Things You Want to Add to your Christmas Wishlist (If you have a Toddler)

OctoBER! Yup, the second ber month! So, Christmas is really fast approaching! Az in! Natatanong ba kayo ng mga relatives/Friends/Officemates/Lolo/Lola niyo kung anong gusto niyong gift? Ako yup, paminsan haha! Pero kapag tinatanong ako, wala akong masabi! Pero maya maya may naiisip ako, pero tapos na yung offer :p So ngayon, gumawa na ako ng […]

Ultra-Safe Baby Wipes by Kinder Care PH

NO PARABENS, PARABEN-FREE. Yan din ba ang hinahanap mo kapag bibili ka ng make-up, skin care, at syempre baby products? Ako oo! I’ve read a lot that parabens are endocrine disruptors. Ginugulo niya ang normal function ng hormones natin OK?!. So magulong hormones, leads to known diseases. So since then, super mabusisi talaga ako sa […]