Planner 2015: Hindi pa Huli ang Lahat

February 2015 na, wala ka pa ding planner?! O eto , check mo. Ewan ko nalang kung hindi ka pa makapili!!!! Rawr!

1. Startbucks 2015 planner

Starbucks 2015 Planner

Ref: From Starbucks Philippines Website.


Since tapos na ang pag collect ng stickers sa starbucks, wala ka ng chance na makuha ito ng libre. Pwera nalang kung may mabait ka na kaibigan na magbibigay sa iyo nito. Kung wala ka namang mabait na kabaibigan na magbibigay sa iyo ng planner, bili ka nalang sa sa halagang 2,500 pesos!

2. Moleskine 2015 Planner

Moleskine 2015 Planner

REf: From Moleskine Website


19.95 USD or 885.13Php kung ang exchange rate ay 44.37 (napansin mo ba na bumaba ang dollars? OO! tama ang napansin mo kasi sabi sa news lumakas daw ang peso hehehehe).

Meron din pala nito sa National Bookstore 😛

3. Hobonchi 2015 Planner

Hobonichi Planner 2015

Ref: From Hobonichi Japan Website


3,780jpy or 1418.66php kung ang exchange rate ay 0.38 😐 (ang baba ng yen 😦 ) hahaha !

4. Filoflax 2015 Planner

Filofax 2015 PLanner

Ref: Filofax Website


52usd or 2305.94php kung ang exchange rate ay 44.34 (tama magkaiba ang exchange rate ko compared sa Moleskine, kasi magkaibang araw ko ito sinulat 🙂 )

[SOLVED!] Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.


Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.


I changed the password of my PC and the Identity of one of my Application Pool is set my PC account.


Enter again the correct password to the Application Pool’s Identity.


Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.







My seatmate told me that I need to deploy some web app to my local IIS for. Little that I know of, my IIS is not working!!! These are the items that I checked to solve this issue.

  • Check if IIS services is started (Open IIS, check in Action Pane if Restart is enabled) – OK
  • Check if Web sites is started (Open IIS, check in Connections Pane, Sites -> Default Web Site is started) – OK
  • Check if Application Pools is started ———- AHA!

Soooooo….. My Application Pool is not started. So I started it.

But still , error occurs. And I checked again the Application Pool if it is started, but it was automatically stops 😦

Then I remembered that the Identity for that Application Pool is set to a specific PC user and I changed the password of that user.

Soooooo… I just updated the password, then walah ! It now works!! HAHAHAH ! bow.

Moldiv-Fied !!!

Woah! I was Moldiv-fied!

Moldiv is free Photography i-Phone app that offers in-app purchases.

Below are the things you can create using Moldiv. Note: I did not purchase anything 🙂

Photos by Shanel (that’s me! )
Hokkaido, Japan

Create photo collage


Photos with Round Borders




Normal Photo Frame


C’mon! Try it too! Share your Moldiv-fied photos using the hashtag #moldivfied ^_^

Shine Bakery & Cafe

Now that my son is almost 2 years old (yes, that’s almost 2 years of breastfeeding for me), I feel that I can now eat anything I want! Before, I am so conscious about the food that I eat (caffeine from chocolates, tea, and common desserts) because it might affect my breastmilk, but now…… Wohoooo, LO, you’re almost two. So Shine Bakery & Cafe, here we go!!!

Breastfeeding/Infant Friendly Rating:
From now on, I’ll try to add the ratings below in every post about restaurants that I will make.

Breastfeeding Station:
The store is located at SM Aura, so mothers can go their breastfeeding station inside their family room (or just breastfeed inside Shine Bakery 🙂 )

High Chair:
Their high chair is the common high chair across the universe (joke! Hahaha), Rubbermaid High Chair!

The Facade


The Reverse Facade


The Kitchen


The Menu



The Food


My “My Shopping Box” Experience

What is My Shopping Box?

My Shopping Box is a forwarding company.

If you want to order something from US and you don not have someone there to send you your package, the My Shopping  Box can do that for you.


As of 2013/09/24

AIR Freight

  • 5.99 USD per pound (TRIVIA: the weight of 3 iphones is almost a pound)
  • Delivery line: 10-12 Working days

Sea Freight

  • 2.99 USD per pound

How to Use

STEP 1: Register to My Shopping Box

Registration Requirements:

  • Credit Card – you need a credit card to pay My Shopping Box Bills

I listed the links were you can register to My Shopping Box below.

For BDO credit card holders

Currently My Shopping Box has a promo that will end on December 31, 2013

For non-BDO credit card holders

I will not discuss the registration process in detail.

STEP 2: Receive your US Address

After a successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email from My Shopping Box that contains the US Address that you will use on your shopping galore from US Online Sellers!

STEP 3: Shopping!

This is my most favorite STEP! SHOPPING!

Now you can shop from US Online Sellers like Amazon, ebay etc. Upon checkout, use the My Shopping Box US Address received from STEP 2 as your shipping address. 

Step 4: Authorize Shipment

My Shopping Box will email you when the your packaged arrived at their suite. 

Below is the exact email that I received when the packaged arrived at their suite.

Automatic message generated by MY-SHOPPINGBOX.COM

Package(s) have been received at your My-ShoppingBox suite. 
Please click on the link below to view package details and authorize shipment. 

Thank you and continue to enjoy the MY-SHOPPINGBOX.COM experience. 


STEP 5: Pay for Shipping Fee

When the package arrived at My Shopping Box Suite, this is the only time that you can authorize the shipment. You need to login to your account and authorize your shipment. This is also the time that you will pay My Shopping Box using your credit card. They will send you a confirmation email that they are already “packing your package” (hahaha!)

Below is the exact email I received from My Shopping Box

Thank you for your order. We shall pack and ship your merchandise and send
you a confirmation by email.

The Shipment Reference is also your consignment note number which you can use
to track the status and delivery of your shipment. All you need to do is enter
the number in our AWB track and trace facility.

Should you need any assistance or have any concerns, please contact
us through any of the following:
by email

Thank you and continue enjoying the my-shoppingbox experience.


STEP 6: Received the package

Based on My Shopping Box, the delivery line for Air Freight packages is 10-12 working days. But for my case, it only takes 7 working days! Yahoo!!

Note: you will not pay anything when you received your package! Remember that!


That’s it!

Please also share your My Shopping Box Experience here!


Hakab na 2013

I can say that I am a Filipino, by birth, by heart, by mind! But, when I heard about the “Hakab Na” event by breastfeeding pinay last august 3, I asked myself, what is “hakab”?

Shame on me eh? I can say that I am a breastfeeding advocate but I don’t know the meaning of “hakab”. For my readers who doesn’t know the meaning of “hakab”, may clue na ba kayo?

Well shame no more for me and for you readers. Hakab meannnnnsssss “LATCH”! Sows!

Sorry for the long introduction.


August is Breastfeeding month. For me, ” Hakab Na : Breastfeeding Mob” was a very good way to start breastfeeding month. This event was held last August 3 at Aristocrat Manila . Many moms participated on this event. On this event, moms and their child will all together “hakab” while chanting “hakab na! Hakab na!”.

This event should be held on an open field, but unfortunately , hindi nakisama ang weather 😦 But thanks to aristocrat, they let us celebrate the event inside their restaurant.