What are Lacta Hoops?


Lacta Hoops are breastfeeding/nursing bracelet that help mothers remember which side of the breast they last nursed. The bracelet is reversible so just flip it and you’ll know what side of the breast to offer on your next feeding.

Some mother uses scrunchies, pony tails, clips, pins etc. but some of these items offer risk to your baby, like pins.  Lacta Hoops is made of 100% silicone (the material used for making some baby toys). It is also food grade and non-toxic. It is also cold and hot resistant therefore you can sterilize it!

It is also a good fashion accessory 🙂 since it is soft and does not contain choking hazard (like beaded bracelets). You can also use it to a distracted baby while nursing.

You can check this link to know how the Lacta Hoops are used 🙂


Lacta Hoops are also perfect for baby shower gift! And it can also remind the expectant mother to breastfeed :p

You can purchase your own Lacta Hoops at BabyBabsStore

You can also visit Lacta Hoop official site, http://www.lactahoop.com


Available Breast Milk Storage here in the Philippines

Searching for breast milk storage here in the Philippines? I’ve listed some available breast milk storage here in the Philippines that you can buy either online or from retail stores.


Medela (80 mL Breastmilk Freezing & Storage Retail Pack)

  • Lid Type: Screw On
  • Size: 2.7 oz
  • Available at Rustans and Sulit

Avent (Avent Storage System)

  • Lid Type: Screw On
  • Size: 8 oz
  • Available at Rustans, SM Baby Company, Sulit

Spectra (Milk Storage Bottles)

  • Lid Type: Screw On
  • Size: 5 oz
  • Available at babymama.ph

Ameda (Ameda bottles with locking rings and discs (4 sets))

  • Lid Type: Screw On
  • Size: 4 oz
  • Available at babymama.ph

Snappies Breastmilk Containers

  • Lid Type: Flip Top
  • Size: 2.3 oz (also available in 1 oz)
  • Available at spoiledstore.com

Goodbye Baby Carrier (Enfant Baby Carrier)


Binili namin itong carrier na ito last January. Natuwa kame kasi pwedeng “mag-rock” at hoping na makakatulog doon si Brandon haha. Medyo excited kame na gamitin ni Brandon. Tinry namin na ilapag siya doon. Natuwa siya sandali tapos umiyak na haha. Siguro mga twice lang namin nagamit tapos naka tengga nalang sa isang tabi (kasi nga parang hindi naman natutuwa si Brandon) 😦 … Soooo na-decide namin na ibenta na ang carrier sa sulit. Siguro mga after 2 days mula noong pi-nost namin, may nag-inquire na. Tapos, yehey! Binili na niya. Thank you nga pala kay Karen na buyer ng carrier.

More pictures 🙂